Kate Kent Books

Here is a complete list of Kate Kent books.

Scratch and Win Shifters: Lovebites Lottery
Scratch and Win Shifters: Libby: Book 1
Scratch and Win Shifters: AMY Christmas Love: Book 2
Scratch and Win Shifters: CAT Valentine Love: Book 3

Baby Whisperers – Almost Secret Baby Romance
Olive: Book 1
Emily: Book 2
 Beatrice: Book 3 (coming in future)

Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club
Cheetahs’ Craving: Book 1 (menage)
Jackal’s Joy: Book 2
Boars’ Bride: Book 3 (menage)
Bison’s Bliss: Book 4
Foxes’ Fancy: Book 5 (menage)
Panther’s Princess: Book 6
Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club: Complete Edition

Confessions of a Mail Order Bride
Lion’s Love: Book 1
Bears’ Babe: Book 2 (menage)
Coyote’s Cutie: Book 3
Wolves’ Wife: Book 4 (menage)
Tiger’s Tease: Book 5
Bulls’ Beauty: Book 6 (menage)
Confessions of a Mail Order Bride: Complete Edition

Shifter Heat (with Aria Dove)
Tiger Pawed: Book 1
Bear Handled: Book 2
 Panther Prized (coming in future)
 Lion Tamed (coming in future)

Shifter Seasons
Beary Merry Winter: Book 1
Spring for Tiger: Book 2
Summer Loving Lion: Book 3
Foxy in Fall: Book 4
Shifter Seasons: Complete Edition

Sexy in FUR
FURever: Book 1 (menage)
FURbidden: Book 2
FURgiven: Book 3
FURocious: Book 4 (menage)
FURgotten: Book 5
FUR: Complete Edition

Lycan Lovers Serials
Craving the Alpha
Craving the Alpha: Part One
Craving the Alpha: Part Two
Craving the Alpha: Part Three
Craving the Alpha: Part Four
Craving the Alpha: Part Five
Craving the Alpha: Part Six:
Craving the Alpha: Complete Edition

Taming the Alphas (menage)
Taming the Alphas: Part One (menage)
Taming the Alphas: Part Two (menage)
Taming the Alphas: Part Three (menage)
Taming the Alphas: Part Four: (menage)
Taming the Alphas: Complete Edition

Collections with Other Authors
 Happy Howling Holidays (limited edition – no longer available)
 Hot Summer Love: A Multi-Author Box Set Shifters in Love Book 2 (limited edition -no longer available)
 Summer Love Shifter Style (limited edition – no longer available)
 Total Shift of the Heart: A Shifter Romance Box Set (limited edition – no longer available)
 Shifter Wonderland (limited edition – no longer available)
 Once Bitten (limited edition – no longer available)