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Craving the Alpha Part One

Get the collection! All 6 volumes of Craving the Alpha are now available in one complete edition. On sale now at Amazon US. Get your copy here: Craving the Alpha: Complete Edition and Amazon UK: Craving the Alpha: Complete Edition (UK)

Craving the Alpha: Part One

Hot, handsome and reeking with sexuality, the two weremen in line to be the next Alphas of the Lycan clan are ready to mate.

Curvy Kristen James has no idea that her stint to earn money as a counselor at Camp Rocky is about to change her life forever. Attacked by vicious, powerful were-men she and the other counselors are forced to experience a whole new way of life as clan members, living, loving and mating in the Maryland and Pennsylvania mountains.

Forced to choose between the two earthy and sensual werewolves Dorian and Markus, Kristen’s hasty decision unleashes a frenzy of untamed lust, intense sexual passion and ferocious anger. As the two fight for her attention, Kristen’s craving for her soul mate, the wereman she has come to love grows deeper. But will the pride and passion of the two werewolves keep them apart?

Craving the Alpha: Part One is an 18,000 word BBW paranormal werewolf shifter romance. It is the first book in the Craving the Alpha serial sharing Kristen James’s experiences with the Lycan pack. It is part of the Lycan Lovers Series. The story includes strong sexual themes and language. It is intended for readers who are 18+.

Amazon US. Get your copy here: Craving the Alpha: Part One
Amazon UK: Craving the Alpha: Part One (UK)

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